Barkley; The Race That Eats Its Young

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Merciless (raid light): the Barkley race that eats its young




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Barkley race that eats its young a film By Producer/Director Linda Sanders.

In Frozen Head State Park, in Tennessee, runners from around the world line up before the Barkley Marathon. Runners have 60 hours to complete five laps of about 20-miles for a total 100-mile distance that also includes about 60,000 feet of elevation gain through woods, creeks and mountains in Tennessee’s Frozen Head State Park.
There’s no official start time but it can go off at any time from midnight to noon on the designated race day. A conch is sounded to signal one-hour until the start and then the race begins when a cigarette is lit by race director Gary Cantrell. There is no prize money for winners or finishers either and Very few runners have completed the Barkley Marathon race since it began in 1986 John Kelly being one of the few. In 2018 no one finished the 5 loops at the Barkley Marathon.
5 hours after the starting of the race the athletes face heavy rain and fog, making navigation impossible. Only four others including Guillaume Calmettes, an ultrarunner who lives in Los Angeles, California, and Ally Beaven, a mountain runner from Scotland started a third loop along with Robbins. Many other trail runners like Amelia Boone, ultrarunner Jamil Coury, and Michael Wardian navigated Frozen Head State Park had The same faith.

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