Hurt 100: Rite Of Passage- A Film By Producer/Director Linda Sanders

This film along with other is available at Vimeo

Hurt 100: Rite Of Passage




5 minutes 21 seconds


Oahu Hawai



The Hurt 100 is a test…a modern day personal rite of passage for anyone who attempts to run it… a test to pursue personal excellence. The setting for Hurt 100 is Oahu Hawaii, a stunning backdrop for such a formidable trail. With a drop out rate of over 50%, Hurt is easily one of the toughest Ultras out there…tough even for those seasoned in the sport. PONO is a very powerful concept in Hawaii, meaning when one is in complete harmony and balance…The feeling of contentment when all is good and right. At the end of the HURT 100, most runners leave having achieved their PONO. Their rite of passage complete, their place in history earned.


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